Q. Can I get extra links for my Sprout watch or take links out of my Sprout watch?

Definitely! Please check our “Customer Support” section and we will gladly send you additional links, free of charge, with simple instructions on how you can easily add them to your bracelet. To remove links, please see the simple diagram on our instruction manual.  Please call (866) 631-0342 to order extra links.

Q. How can I replace my watch battery? Can I use a battery that is not mercury free?

While we suggest that you use a mercury free battery, it is not absolutely necessary. Using a regular battery will not affect or harm your watch in any way. Please check our “Customer Support” section for information on where to find a watch battery. If you like you can place the used battery in an envelope and address it to:

Sprout Watch Company 

Attn: Battery Recycle Dept

60-15 Little Neck Parkway, Little Neck, NY 11362

We will be happy to properly recycle it for you.

Q. Can I purchase a replacement band for my watch?

Please call (866) 631-0342 to order a new replacement band.  

Q. Where are Sprout watches made?

We source our Sprout watch components from all different parts of the world like Japan, China and the USA. We buy things like corn resin and watch movements from suppliers whom we feel are the best at what they do and who can offer us quality materials at competitive prices. In "shopping around" like this, we can keep Sprout watches at a very reasonable price so everyone can enjoy them!

Q. How can I set my watch?

Please check our “Customer Support” section for a downloadable version of our instruction manual. If you still have questions, please call our customer service toll free number 866-631-0342 and we will be happy to "make time" for you (yes, pun intended).

Q. How can I contact Sprout watches?

Please contact us hereand we will be happy to answer all questions and/or comments.

Q. Are Sprout watches water proof or water resistant?

Yes, some of our watches are 165 ft water resistant so you can wear them while surfing, in a rainstorm in the tropics, and even while you are singing in the shower. To be sure the model you choose is water resistant, please be sure to check the product description. To view the new water resistant collection, please click here.

Q. The buckle/tongue on my Sprout watch broke, what should I do?

Yes, free of charge. Please check our “Customer Support” section and we will be happy to send you a new buckle with simple instructions on how you can easily replace it. Remember that your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Q. I have had allergic reactions after wearing certain watches. Should I be concerned about this with Sprout timepieces?

All Sprout watches are hypoallergenic.  We utilize sustainable, naturally derived materials, such as organic cotton, corn resin (devoid of oil byproducts) and natural cork.  Combined with mercury free batteries and nickel free components, we are able to eliminate nearly all allergens that might produce a reaction.  If you have concerns about a specific material or type of allergy, please feel free to contact us

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