Women's Eco-Friendly Watches

Sprout Watches for Women say more than their fun colors, and trendy designs might show.  Each Womens watch is made from eco friendly, sustainable materials to have the least impact on our environemnt.  When was the last time your watch told a story you were proud of?

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Turquoise Camouflage Organic Cotton Strap
Pink Camouflage Organic Cotton Strap
Bamboo Dial Yellow Swarovski Cork Strap
Bamboo Dial Purple Swarovski Cork Strap
Bamboo Dial Pink Swarovski Cork Strap
Lead Free Amethyst Crystal with Bamboo Dial & Corn Resin Strap
Lead Free Emerald Crystal Bamboo Dial Black Corn Resin Strap
White Bracelet Wood Bezel with Mother of Pearl Owl
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